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Quality Care For Women During Every Stage Of Life

Gwinnett Gynecology and Maternity has delivered women’s healthcare with excellence in the Gwinnett area since 1973. Offering both gynecology and obstetrics services, the mission of the practice is to provide the most advanced, evidence-based medical care for women of all ages.

Dr. Peter Mann, a practicing physician for nearly 30 years, is the only board certified urogynecologist and reconstructive pelvic surgeon in Gwinnett County and is one of only sixteen in the state of Georgia. He has specialized training to care for women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI), a pelvic floor disorder, which causes women to leak urine when they sneeze, cough, laugh, lift heavy objects, or strain during exercise.

An estimated 25 million women in the US are affected– one in three over the age of 45 and one in two over the age of 65. Dr. Mann tells us, “The minimally invasive, outpatient procedure to treat urinary incontinence is life changing. The success rate is 85 – 90% and it takes 20 minutes. Recovery is quick– women having the procedure on Friday are usually back to work on Monday.”

Dr. Mann also provides specialized treatment for conditions such as overactive bladder, vaginal or uterine prolapse, and fecal incontinence.

“Above all else, I strive to develop a long-term partnership with my patients – I want to watch them prosper and help them maintain good health. As a physician who deeply cares about my patients, my role is to educate, to develop a plan for improving or maintaining good health, and to provide the individualized care that each patient needs. Watching my patient’s quality of life dramatically improve during treatment is the most rewarding aspect of my practice.”
– Dr. Janice H. Pressley