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Recent Mill Creek Grad Launches Successful Smart Supplement

Andrew Kozlovski, a 22-year-old senior at the University of Southern California, has hit it big with a product designed to help students use their brain power more efficiently while avoiding the risks of common “smart drugs” like Adderall.

Andrew, a graduate of Mill Creek High School, has had his product, Brainz Power, featured in national press such as Forbes and Business Insider. The supplement is designed to enhance memory and focus. It is a combination of herbs and supplements that many believe can improve cognitive function in a number of ways, according to the product website.

The Gwinnett native promotes his products on social media, including an Instagram account with 140,000 followers. Andrew is vlogging his experience as a young entrepreneur on his YouTube channel.

You also get sense from his YouTube videos that he’s living the American dream in sunny California, but he attributes a lot of his success to growing up in Gwinnett. “My success comes from my parents, my upbringing, and where I grew up. And growing up in Gwinnett played a major role in building the person I am today,” he says. “In my opinion, Gwinnett is the perfect place to grow up.”

Andrew was a swimmer at Mill Creek, which he says played a role in his development into a businessperson. “The local school system taught me if you want to be different, if you want to be an anomaly, you have to take massive action and act like one. In school, I was an average kid, average grades, below average SAT scores, but being an All-American athlete taught me lessons that were fundamental to my success.”

“Being a kid in high school with a 3.2 GPA and below average SAT scores says you’ll go to an average college, and then have an average job, and have an average life, I knew that was not me and I knew that that system did not represent me nor my mind,” Andrew says. “I had a very different mind, and I knew that. I just needed to figure out how to apply it.”