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Refresh Your Rooms With Todays Hottest LooksOn-Trend Home Design

If a home makeover is on your horizon, it’s the perfect time to take note of design trends that may help shape your project. Today’s hottest looks leave plenty of room for personal interpretation, so it’s easier than ever to incorporate the latest looks for a home that seamlessly blends your personality with on-trend decor and design elements.

Eye-catching detail
Understated elegance, a look that many designers have favored in the past, is losing ground to more prominent design features that make no bones about attracting attention. Colorful woodwork in the kitchen, vibrant patterns such as marble countertops, jewel-toned textiles and bold details like nail-head patterns on furnishings are all evidence of a bolder style. The trick is to blend elements carefully and avoid competing pieces that create more of a mish-mash than a stylish statement.

Bright colors once reserved for subtle accessorizing are now fair game for larger palettes – even walls. Many experts agree: among this season’s top picks are shades of green, ranging from soft, subtle tones to vibrant, luxurious hues. Similarly, much as the clothing fashion world has embraced the idea of combining patterns for a cohesive look, the same applies to home decor. Far from looking disjointed, this approach can actually make for an on-point style statement.

The “fifth wall”
The least noticed aspect in every room – the ceiling – can actually be more than a surface for tired old ceiling fans. Recognizing this under-utilized element as an unexpected design space with a direct connection to the great wide open, some designers are exploring ways to extend design to that “fifth wall.”

The ceiling represents an untapped design opportunity with the power to completely transform spaces from top to bottom. Incorporating the fifth wall into your design allows you to set your sights higher than the average wall. Current interior design trends show an increased use of vibrant colors, creative wallpapers and even wood cladding on ceilings, aiming to make a statement that places the fifth wall at the center of a room’s overall decor.

Another must-have for a stunning fifth wall design is skylights, which provide a connection to nature, whether it’s a view of the sky on a sunny day, treetops, a passing rain storm or a starry night sky. Skylights provide balanced, natural light that can make colors appear truer while enhancing interior decor. In addition, strategically introducing natural light from above can free up wall space for cabinetry or artwork and make small rooms feel larger.

“Skylights bring much more than natural light into a space. They give occupants the feeling of being outdoors with elements like a sky view, gentle breezes and the smell of fresh air,” said Ross Vandermark, national product manager for Velux America. “By fully incorporating the fifth wall into a room’s decor, homeowners can create beautifully designed rooms that engage all of the senses.”

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, special features can enhance the practical use of skylights. For example, for added flare and light control, homeowners can add blinds to Velux Skylights, choosing from more than 100 colors and styles for a pop of color on the ceiling that echoes accent colors below. Many models also offer remote control operation for convenience in raising and lowering the blinds and even opening skylights to let in some fresh air. Learn more about making skylights the focal point of your fifth wall design at

A fresh way to shine
When it comes to metallic design elements, the ultra-sleek and modern look of stainless steel and brushed nickel is becoming quickly outdated. The warmth that bronze and brass bring to the overall aesthetic makes these popular choices in the kitchen and bathroom alike. For the latest take on this look, avoid blingy, shiny finishes and instead opt for a softer brushed look.

Considering shine from another perspective, lighting is an area where homeowners can make easy upgrades for a trendy new look. Forget bulky overhead lighting and instead give your room a boost with a series of funky task lights. Skip traditional bases and look for fun shapes and colors that lend some visual interest to the space.

Texture, texture, texture
With everything from wallpaper to linens to artwork, texture brings added dimensions to the room. As with color and patterns, don’t be afraid to mix and match for a unique look that blends different tactile elements for a space that is as pleasing to the fingertips as it is to the eye.

If you’re not sure where to begin, start with textiles such as the window treatments or bedding. Look for options that take texture beyond a traditional cotton weave and integrate different materials or construction for a distinct look and feel. More daring choices include furnishings, such as a satiny armchair or a velvet-covered settee.

Smart enhancements
No modern home makeover is complete without the consideration of technology. Smart features and devices bring added enjoyment and convenience to nearly every aspect of modern living. Be sure to consider which electronic features can be integrated into your smart home network, so once the renovating is done you can simply flip a switch and sit back to enjoy the stunning results of your effort.