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Georgia United Credit Union Donates Mini-Makeover to Shiloh Middle School

Georgia United Credit Union team members and community volunteers gathered to provide Shiloh Middle School a courtyard classroom mini-makeover including shade canopy, patio, landscaping and seating.

Georgia United Credit Union completed their school makeover at Shiloh Middle as part of their 4th annual School Crashers school improvement program. Shiloh Middle was selected from 330 entries to receive a “Mini-Crash”, which included a newly installed shade canopy, picnic tables, outdoor whiteboard and landscaping supplies donated by Gwinnett County Public Schools which included rock, pine straw and removal of old benches. The “Mini-Crash” was completed before the 1829 students and 180 faculty and staff returned to school on August 7.

Eli Welch, Shiloh Middle School Principal says, “We believe that the physical appearance of a learning environment contributes significantly to the overall learning experience for our students. We really are grateful that Georgia United Credit Union used its School Crashers program to make teaching and learning a priority because our students, staff and community will benefit for many years to come.”

School Crashers “before” and “after” photos are available at