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Ride Easy with GC Smart Commute

Want to quickly check traffic before you leave home or the office? GC Smart Commute makes it possible!

Approximately 250 cameras are currently operating along two dozen major roads, with expansion projects under design for an additional 60 cameras, says Chuck Bailey, traffic engineering & planning division director. Snapshots from these locations are updated every two minutes on the GC Smart Commute website, while live feeds show 13 heavily-traveled intersections in the county during peak hours.

The system also enables the staff at the county traffic control center to monitor traffic conditions on major corridors, using the information gathered to make real-time traffic signal timing adjustments.

The GC Smart Commute website disseminates all of this information, enabling a quicker and safer drive by making it possible to avoid those congested areas.

The site also includes information on road closures and roadwork, new travel speed data via Google Traffic, and the means to report a traffic signal or transportation-related issue.

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