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Destination 2040: The Comprehensive Transportation Plan

When planning for the future, there’s no more important issue to a community than transportation. Gwinnett County’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan: Destination 2040 will provide the roadmap on how our transportation networks are developed to serve current and future needs – and it’s being developed with extensive citizen input.

The first public input phase, involving a series of public meetings throughout the county, is now complete, says Alan Chapman, director of the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation. Simultaneously, the department has focused on the assessing existing conditions component.

Citizens ranked vehicular travel as their top transportation priority, followed by connectivity, transit service, transportation safety, maintenance, walking/biking, economic vitality, and access to transportation.

Also nearing completion are about 25 stakeholder interviews with Gwinnett municipalities, the Community Improvement Districts and other groups, Chapman says, such as the healthcare community, freight providers and citizens who are interested in alternate modes of transportation.

“Our goal has been to reach out to all geographic areas of the county and to a wide variety of communities who may have differing needs for transportation services,” Chapman says.

The DOT is now working toward a short-range plan that could shape a potential new SPLOST program, as well as a long-range plan for the next 25 years.