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Riverside Military Academy: A Study in Excellence

Riverside Military Academy is committed to the development of young men in grades 7-12, following the military education model as the context by which to develop dependability, integrity, honesty, respect, courtesy, leadership, social skills and physical fitness.

RMA produces motivated young men of character who are dedicated to the values necessary for good citizenship, preparing them to succeed in college and beyond. We understand what motivates boys to excel and have designed our program around the way boys learn and retain information. Cadets learn to focus on goal accomplishment, to follow through with commitments, to plan and organize, and to become strongly achievement-oriented. Each year Riverside’s graduating classes earn millions of dollars in collegiate scholarships and are accepted to colleges and universities around the world.

Contact us to set up a private campus tour or to attend one of our campus open houses by calling the admissions office at 770-538-2938, or send a request for information packet to Visit for more information.