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Senior Capstone Program Provides Hands-On Experience

GSMST is an amazing school that has many wonderful programs. One of their most immersive, rewarding programs is the Senior Capstone Experience or SCE. The Senior Capstone Experience is a graduation requirement that all Seniors undergo.

To get a better understanding of just how immersive the SCE program is, I asked the coordinator of the program, Dr. Kerri Napoleon, and a student currently in the program, Caleb Radcliff, two questions.

What is the most rewarding quality of SCE from your point of view?

Dr. Napoleon: Dr. Napoleon believes that the internship program is an outlet that provides GSMST seniors the opportunity to explore their interests and to decide whether or not they really enjoy those interests through in immersive hands-on internship experience.

Caleb: Caleb believes that the most rewarding quality of the SCE program is fact that you know that you are doing something that contributes to society

How long has the SCE program been a part of the curriculum of the school and what distinguishes the SCE program at GSMST from other internship programs from around the country?

Dr. Napoleon: “I think what distinguishes the SCE program from other internship programs around the country is that it is more than just an internship program. The internships that students complete are just one component (essentially 1/3) of SCE. The other parts are the completion of the SCE class (and coursework) and the final submission and defense through a presentation.”

Caleb: Caleb believes that what distinguishes the internship program is the fact that students have the freedom to choose what they want to do while incorporating it into their busy everyday schedules.