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Silver linings. Special moments.

a word from David Greer

If there is a silver lining to getting older, it’s that over the years you’ve learned how to appreciate and savor a simple moment while still in the midst of living it. To appreciate and recognize the magnitude of these fleeting instances as they pass through your life. To know their fragility. Their temporary state. To know they won’t always be.

I’ve often found myself thinking — wow, if I’d only known how special this moment in time was, I would have been more appreciative of it. I would have savored it. I would have treated it with more honor and more respect for what it was.

Some moments are like the first note in a beautiful song. Some like the last word on the final page of a long romantic novel. And some are parts of a bigger picture or a puzzle that you’ve yet to see revealed.

That I suppose is what makes moments complicated. The challenge is to sort out what is really important. What will be meaningful. What will matter most in the long run.

Over the years, you develop a knack for seeing and appreciating the moments while you’re in them, rather than as a distant memory after years go by.

The more life experience you have, the better you get at recognizing special moments. You note them in your mind. You appreciate them to the fullest because your years have taught you to do so. Finding this gift almost makes getting old worth it. Almost.

As many of us ready for yet another year of “back to school,” let’s mark the moments. Let’s celebrate the journey our students and teachers will begin yet again. Let’s be mindful these moments in time will come but once. Another important milestone that will come and go. It’s up to us to make the most of them.

Here’s to reflecting on the precious moments that have passed and to savoring the ones we’ll have today.

Make this year your best year ever!

David Greer

P.S. Take some photos of your student’s first day back to school and send them to us at We’ll post a Gwinnett Magazine memorable moments story for all to see!