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Social Media Strategy! Building Businesses in a Modern World

Written by Jaiden Arada, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Cherokee Bluff High School

It’s no secret that the business world is always changing. New people are always entering the workforce and bringing new and innovative ideas with them. One extremely useful tool for building businesses is social media. Social media is an essential way to connect people around the world and help them communicate with each other. It can also be used as a helpful tool for business outreach. Here are a couple ways that social media can help a business reach out to their target audience.

Multiple Accounts

When starting out their social media presence, a business must create an account on multiple social media platforms. The most popular ones used today are Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Each of these programs attract a different group of people, making this the best way to reach out to various gropus of people. Start by creating an account on each that clearly markets what the business is selling. The algorithms in the aps will help the business’s content reach the right people!

Interesting Graphics

When browsing through social media, people are looking for things that they have not seen before. People like to be surprised and they want posts to look nice and organized. To introduce their account, businesses can start with an introduction of who they are and what kind of products they are selling. A free graphic design tool, Canva, can help make these introductions look more professional. Even adding small graphics or text to some of the business’s posts can make them look more professional. Something that people have not seen a lot is posting different than normal content. For example, if a business is selling candles, maybe once a week they post a fact about candles or do a customer spotlight. These kinds of posts invite viewers to check out the page and learn more about the establishment.


People love free things, so offering a chance to win something to followers will attract more people to the page. With a giveaway, businesses get a group of items together and post about one lucky winner receiving a gift from the business. This attracts more customers because they want to see what is in the basket and they would likely want a chance to win. The more giveaways done, the more business is usually seen due to people wanting the products in the giveaway itself. Giveaways are typically inexpensive and typically help the business build their following and engagement.

Have Fun

The great thing about marketing on social media is that not everything has to be about business. Customers like to see that business owners are real people because it makes them feel like their products or services are more genuine. Even making a silly TikTok video can attract customers to the business’s page because they are curious to see more authentic, light-hearted content. Businesses need to post engaging content that allows for customers to feel like they are wanted by the businesses. It does not always have to be statistics and plain marketing – it can be a fun outlet to attract more people to the business.