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South Gwinnett Students and Teachers Share Views

South Gwinnett — the proud home of the mighty Comets. All those who attend and teach there seem happy with the precious memories and new-found knowledge they gain.

Student Kale’alani James mused on how she loved her teachers at the school and the support and compassion they have for all their students, whether or not they’re struggling with the class.

Students and teachers alike share their deep pride in their school. Swim team and volleyball head coach Taylor Emmons explained how she loved the history of the school and how welcoming and diverse the population of the school is.

Students and teachers also appreciate and encourage each other to show pride in their nationality, religion, and sexuality, forming clubs such as Shades of Intellect, The Gay Straight Alliance, and recently, the African Student Association.

With the several aspects that are appreciated and cherished at South, there are some aspects that students and teachers have agreed need some work, one of which is the outdated elevators and technology in the school. Recently, elevators have been breaking down or getting stuck while teachers are on them.

Another issue that was commonly spoken about was the lack of parking for students and teachers. South Gwinnett is a large school. The class of 2018 alone has at least six hundred students. Because of its sheer mass, parking at the school can be limited. There is one lot designated to students, and few spots scattered around for teachers at the school. While it may not seem serious, it does get frustrating for students and teachers to arrive to school just to see another car already parked in the parking spot assigned to them.

The final issue that was commonly brought up by both students and teachers was the large class sizes and limited number of elective options at the school. Students have shared their frustration in being unable to take a desired elective either because of the class being full, or the class simply not being in their academic pathway.

Though it does have its short comings, much like any other school, the positive aspects of South Gwinnett outweighed the short list of the school’s shortcomings expressed by both students and teacher.