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Teaching’s the Limit

Dr. Brenda King always wanted to be an actuarial analyst, but after having kids and being their first teacher, she discovered that teaching was her true calling. She wanted to make a difference and she realized that that’s something she couldn’t do by making financial statements. So, she left the actuarial analytics behind and became a teacher. She first taught at Dacula High School for 7 years until going to the University of Georgia for her PhD. After that, she was offered a job but instead decided to teach here at Shiloh. “I knew I could make a greater impact on students here than at UGA , so I chose Shiloh.”

She’s been here for 3 years now teaching AP Calculus BC and Accelerated Precalculus and as of a few weeks ago, she has been selected as this year’s Teacher of the Year. She describes it as her most memorable moment at Shiloh, as she was surprised to find out that she had won. “I never went out trying to be Teacher of the Year. I was just being myself and doing my best to show to students that I support them in and out of the classroom. It felt good knowing that I was being recognized for doing my own thing.”

It might’ve been surprising to her, but to the students that have her or have had her, it was about time. “My favorite thing about her is that whenever she messes up, she admits it and plays it off so well. It gives us a chance to relate to her and laugh along side her while reminding us that it’s okay to make mistakes,” – Naydelin Castaneda. “She’s very patient and never gives up helping us understand the material,” – Ben Koschella.

Dr.King’s constant support, help, and understanding creates a learning environment that’s welcoming and stress-free for all students, even if they’re learning the toughest math course offered at the school.