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Spencer I. Rozin, MD, FACP

Our Story: Dr. Rozin has been in Lawrenceville since 1991 after training at Duke Medical Center. In 2009, he changed his practice to one dedicated to providing patients with more time with their physician. He manages all aspects of the patients care and serves as the patients health advocate.

How We Help: By having a smaller practice, more time is spent with each patient, working on acute and chronic problems along with a strong focus on preventive care. Patients who are sick are seen quickly. We arrange for outpatient testing and schedule appointments with other physicians as needed. Hospital admissions for our patients have dropped dramatically over time due to our focus on being proactive and by working with patients to get them into the office as soon as symptoms start.

What Makes Us Unique: Our focus is on being proactive to prevent complications. We build long-term relationships with patients. We see our patients as the priority and work to improve their health. Time is spent educating patients about their medical conditions and we explain why certain tests or medications are needed. We encourage patients to become actively involved in their own care and to ask questions to help them understand how to better take care of themselves.

What’s Next: We will continue to provide high-quality, patient-focused care that includes giving patients more time to spend with their physician. We know our patients like family and they have peace of mind that comes from knowing that their care is managed by someone with their best interests at heart.


Phone: 770-709-0900
721 Wellness Way Suite 220 Lawrenceville GA, 30046