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VitalAtlanta Grand Opening Invitation


Please Join Us for VitalAtlanta’s Grand Opening Celebration Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clinic Tours 3:00-10:00 pm
Special Presentation 6:00-7:00 pm

1 Baltimore Place
Suite 100 & 105
Atlanta, GA 30308

exteriorVitalAtlanta has a mission to nourish an expansive life experience by providing natural, whole health support with a focus on the innate wisdom of the body, mind and spirit. This powerful collective includes:

  • Life University Health Systems
  • Atlanta Birth Center
  • Shanna Jackson, PhD, LPC, CPCS, Psychotherapy and Counseling
  • Rachel Marynowski, ND, Naturopathic Medicine
  • Emily Kehnast, LAc, MSOM, Acupuncture & Herbs
  • Pea Pod Nutrition & Lactation

These providers are committed to whole health by creating a space in the heart of the city of Atlanta that offers authentic integrative and individualized care. VitalAtlanta will be a place where people can go for a myriad of whole-health services in all phases of life, from infancy and childhood through adulthood.

This innovative collaboration is building services that will serve as a resource community for our city. The vitalistic nature of these services acknowledges that the body is born with an innate intelligence that can express its potential without interference. This perspective allows us to complement the body’s awesome ability to function fully. VitalAtlanta is committed to helping people with a model focused on optimal expression of one’s health potential.

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