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Spirit Week Disaster

IRMA GOSH! What is going to happen to spirit week? Will there be a spirit week? Is Homecoming still happening? What will we do?

Questions flood social media as Hurricane Irma’s tropical storm hits Gwinnett County. Alert students and parents wait, wary, Sunday afternoon for Gwinnett County Public School’s final decision: to close school or not. As the county decides to close school Monday, Berkmar students are delighted yet devastated over missing the first day of spirit week. Then, students are ready to bounce back from the missing day until…

“Gwinnett County Public School’s will be closed Tuesday, September 12th.”

Students were rushing last minute to buy the rest of their spirit week attire before the cancellation of school. As the second day of spirit week is cancelled, students are thrilled to return on Wednesday and be a character for a day. Last minute character day shopping is happening all Tuesday, and no one anticipated closure for another day.

Berkmar students are eager to show off their creative character costumes until another announcement from the Gwinnett County Public School’s is released:

“Gwinnett County Public School’s will be closed on Wednesday, September 13th.”

Students were not expecting three consecutive closures.

Believe in the B is the catchphrase at Berkmar and that’s exactly what students did. They believed in the B and continued the two days left of spirit week. Tie Dye & Patriot Day were the only two spirit days left and students made the best out of it. Homecoming and spirit week will not be defeated by Hurricane Irma. Not only did Berkmar Believe in the B but we salvaged what we had left of our spirit week.