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Suwanee Town Center: Live, work, play and… shop

I moved to Suwanee when I was nine years old. One of the first places that my family found in our area was Suwanee Town Center. The night we went, a theater production of Hairspray was starting. My parents took us to Yogli Mogli first to get frozen yogurt, then we all sat down on the lawn to watch the play put on by Suwanee Academy of the Arts, where I later interned during my freshmen year of high school. Suwanee Town Center gave me my first feel of the close-community of Suwanee

According to Suwanee’s website, “A vibrant mixed-use area, anchored by a 10-acre urban-style park, Town Center embodies Suwanee’s vision for “live_work_play_shop.” It is the place that comes to mind when you think of Suwanee, offering a sense of community_a sense of belonging_a sense of home. First envisioned in 2002, Suwanee’s built-from-scratch Town Center is the physical and symbolic heart of our community. Located at the intersection of Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road and Buford Highway, two of Suwanee’s busiest roadways, Town Center represents a bold and innovative response to two distinct community goals: “to preserve open space and create more parks and to assemble a stand-out-in-the-crowd, energetic, and aesthetically appealing downtown and primary community gathering place.”

Town Center Park is Suwanee’s primary gathering place. Its features three nature trails (which also have disc golf courses), the largest interactive fountain in Gwinnett County, large open green areas, and a performance stage with a 1,000-seat terraced amphitheater area, make Town Center Park ideal for big events, such as Glow in the Park and Food Truck Fridays. The park also is a great place to meet a friend or two for a walk or jog or for some unstructured play time-splashing in the fountain, flying kites, riding a bike or pushing a scooter, throwing a Frisbee, or kicking a ball.