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Taillefer Commercial Group: Commercial Real Estate Professionals You Can Trust

Looking to buy, sell, lease or invest in commercial real estate in Gwinnett? Taillefer Commercial Group’s talented agents know all the market inside and out and are ready to guide you through every step of the process.

With deep roots in the local community and years of experience helping clients find their ideal properties, their agents offer friendly, welcoming service and unparalleled insights across Gwinnett and beyond!

Taillefer Commercial Group represents buyers, investors, sellers and tenants and driven to bring you success finding the perfect commercial property, thanks to their expert team’s unrivaled resources, knowledge and connections in the area. The commercial real estate agency has offices in Duluth, Woodstock, Athens and Greenville, SC and is growing, with locations opening soon in Tampa, FL and Nashville, TN in 2022, so you know they know the South!

Find valuable guidance and start the first steps toward you dream commercial real estate property with the trusted professionals at Taillefer Commercial Group. Visit their website or call 770-663-5222 today!

Taillefer Commercial Group



1960 Satellite Blvd, Suite 1100

Duluth, GA 30097