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The A Team: Partnership Gwinnett

If Partnership Gwinnett is Gwinnett’s A-Team, Nick Masino is "Hannibal" Smith, and like the beloved television and movie character, he "loves it when a plan comes together."

"When Gwinnett decides to do something, they go all in," comments Nick Masino, senior vice president, Economic Development and Partnership Gwinnett, Gwinnett Chamber. The evidence is clear, one of the top public school systems in the country, an award-winning park system, and a state-of-the-art water treatment system are just a few of the reasons Gwinnett County leads with excellence in economic development. The additional efforts of Partnership Gwinnett, is what the world talks about when it talks about Gwinnett County.

Launched in 2006, Partnership Gwinnett is a public-private initiative dedicated to bringing new jobs and capital investment to Gwinnett County. Since PG’s inception it has assisted over 200 companies relocate or expand in the County, resulting in $1,187,541,672 in investment and 16,353 in jobs.

Masino is often heard saying, "I get up every day to attract, retain, and grow jobs in Gwinnett." He is also quick to note that he’s not the only one. "When you’re passionate and you care, people take notice. We work hard to make good things happen in Gwinnett," continues Masino. He credits the successes of Partnership Gwinnett to the enthusiasm and dedication of his team, along with the cohesive efforts of local government, businesses, organizations, and community leaders of Gwinnett.

Fueled by commitment and a collaborative attitude, Masino sets his bar high for achievement. His economic development career began in February 2007, when Masino accepted the position with Partnership Gwinnett and the Gwinnett Chamber. Previously, he served eight years as the mayor of Suwanee.

A leading authority on local and state economic development, Masino is often asked to speak to regional and national business leaders, as well as those in countries like South Korea and China. He says, "Businesses around the world all care about the same things. People want to take care of their families in the best ways possible."

The Focus is Proactive

The three objectives of Partnership Gwinnett are:

1. Comprehensive Economic Development
2. Attract and Retain World Class Talent
3. Community & Leadership Development

Employers Follow Talent

Attracting and retaining top talent is an important challenge that all organizations face. Gwinnett is a vibrant place for business growth and quality of life. People move to the county for award-winning public schools, excellent quality of life, a vibrant arts community, low cost of living, and more. Leading the state in population growth for the last two years with a diversity index of 78.2%, Gwinnett is the most diverse county in the southeast.

People want to live here so businesses are eager to follow. Gwinnett is now home to four Fortune 500 company headquarters and hosts the two largest job clusters outside of I-285.

Businesses of Every Size Welcome

While it’s exciting to announce the arrival or expansion of large companies, Partnership Gwinnett is equally dedicated to supporting small businesses. "We welcome organizations of every size," says Masino. "It’s a fact that most jobs in Gwinnett come from entrepreneurs running small businesses with a few employees. Two thousand small businesses employing two people each have a greater impact in the county than a large company bringing 100 – 500 jobs."