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The Heroes Project 2018: Sandy

“Cancer has certainly tested my faith,” says survivor Sandy Osei. “But I know that if I have even the smallest amount of faith… if I have faith the size of a mustard seed, I can move mountains. I have that faith.”

Sandy was first diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2011 and after surgery remained cancer free, until late 2015. “I was oh-so-close to that five year mark,” she says. She’s now had two back-to-back recurrences and is in active treatment. “Cancer is stalking me,” she laughs.

And still she sees the positives. “It’s brought me and my husband so much closer. It’s brought me closer to my family. It’s brought me closer to God.”

Sandy’s “wonderful support group” includes the women from Teal Talks, an ovarian cancer support group organized through her oncologist’s office. The group meets the second Saturday of every month. “We are able to share, to support, to vent.  The relationships I’ve made there! I’ve met the greatest women…”

What is some of the advice that Sandy shares with the group… and with any woman really? “Listen to your body. Your body will give you clues. But then take action. As women, we put ourselves aside. You don’t have to be superwoman.”

Most importantly, she reminds other survivors, “You can do this. You’re stronger than you think.”