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“The Leaksmith” Strikes Again!

Did you know that roofs often get replaced before it’s even necessary? There are so many important things under your roof that bring value to your life, so safety and security come first when protecting what you love. But that doesn’t mean you should overpay or hire more work than you need to actually solve the problem. Turns out, that drip from your kitchen ceiling or long-undiscovered leak in your attic might just take a couple repairs to resolve, not a week-long endeavor of hearing footsteps knocking overhead as they tear up your roof and replace each shingle.

To save some moola and let your roof enjoy a full lifespan, get in touch with a leak and repair specialist first, like Accent Roofing Service. For 32 years, the family-owned business has been solving their clients’ roofing troubles without breaking the bank. They’ve found that out of about 5,000 Metro Atlanta roofers, only around 100 have a dedicated repair team on hand. So, it’s no wonder why Accent Roofing Service has earned their moniker, “The Leaksmith.”

Watch today’s video feature where their ardent founder, Thomas Scribbins, walks us through why Accent Roofing Service does it differently and why they’re dedicated to providing their clients with exceptional service—a passion that their whole family has shared for decades!