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The Legacy of North Gwinnett High School

North Gwinnett High School was established in 1958 in a cotton field between Suwanee and Sugar Hill in order to unite two cities together. True to its word, North Gwinnett continues to unite over 2,000 students on the basis of its pride and leadership.

Today, North Gwinnett exhibits world-class excellence by producing academically excellent students. It is one of the highest scoring schools on the SAT and ACT exams with over a 75% passing rate on the AP exams. In fact, North Gwinnett has over 70 clubs and leadership opportunities for students including DECA, Student Council, and Debate club.

However, every school has their strong suit and North Gwinnett is lucky enough to have one of the best selections of teachers. One of them is Erin Mitchell, who began to teach at North Gwinnett High school 13 years ago. When asked about why she chose to teach at NGHS versus any other school she responded, “There is a certain respect that teachers here at North achieve. We are surrounded by actively involved students who strive to achieve their level best.” She sees students truly involved in making their community a better place. “North Gwinnett has allowed me the opportunity teach what I love and continue to spend time with my family. It lets me hear back from students from previous years who wish to take my class again. Its like they actually liked me as a person rather than just a teacher!” Mitchell said with a smile.

A similar mentality roots from the students of North as well. Fiona Fung a Fat is a junior at North Gwinnett who moved into the district at the start of her freshman year. She is a part of many school organizations like NGHS’s Marching Band and school UNICEF program. “One of the first things I noticed when I came into this school was that it was extremely welcoming.” Fung a Fat stated. “The students spent no time in getting to know me and never let me stand in the middle of the halls lost. Somebody would always help me out.” She continued. “I could feel a strong unity between the student body. The Bulldogs are connected as ever and we never allow a loss of a football game affect the energy of the student body.”

Today North Gwinnett High School stands as an emblem of unity for both its freshman and its Alumni.