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The Perfect Teenage Role Model: Chika Nowosu

Junior at Mill Creek High, Chika Nowosu, represents the perfect teenage role model for children in our community, as well as the prime example of what every high school student and teacher admires. Chika displays attributes which allow her to be an excellent student, friend, leader, and athlete.

Chika has been on the varsity tennis team at Mill Creek since her freshman year, helping the tennis team reach far into the playoffs for two years in a row. With a 4.0 grade point average, Chika is ranked number thirty six in the junior class out of over one thousand students. She is a member of the Gwinnett Student Leadership Team, which one must be nominated by a teacher to even have a chance in passing the prestigious application process.

Not only is Chika a leader throughout the county, she is an officer in the clubs; TALON (leadership club) and the National Honor Society, as well as an active member of the Junior Cabinet, Presidents’ Club, BETA Club, and Student Council. Even on her Friday afternoons, Chika volunteers at a nearby elementary school, Fort Daniel, helping the teachers and students in whatever is asked from her.

She has paved the path for a successful future, but has also not missed out on the total high school experience, as she has school spirit cheering at every football game, participates in school functions, and is clearly involved with the student body. Humbly, Chika sets a great example for the many students at Mill Creek every day as she hopes to help and impact others in a positive way.