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The Primerica Foundation: There’s No Place Like Home

As the second largest issuer of term life insurance in the United States and Canada that’s based right here in Gwinnett, Primerica has already made a meaningful impact on our community in terms of job creation and attracting development. For years, the company has gone even further to give back to Gwinnett and uplift our local nonprofit organizations through The Primerica Foundation. Primerica takes pride in calling Gwinnett home, and the award-winning foundation is their philanthropic arm into the community. 

The Primerica Foundation’s philanthropic focus is supporting nonprofits and community causes to help local low- and moderate-income individuals and families gain self-sufficiency. The corporate foundation collaborates with key nonprofit partners to help people in need find housing, food and deliver programs that help underserved populations become self-sufficient.

Through corporate charitable funding, Primerica sponsors numerous community events such as Relay for Life of Gwinnett, where they reign as a Top Team in the Nation. 

The Company’s more than 1,800 amazing employees located in Gwinnett volunteer thousands of hours to our community. Primerica also donates approximately $2 million to nearly 100 impactful nonprofits each year, fulfilling their mission to uplift the community we know and love through meaningful philanthropy.

To learn more, visit The Primerica Foundation at or email them at