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The Rhythm of Success… or the Sad Song of Failure?

Let’s play Name that Tune. If your business was a song, what would it be? Is it a happy little number with a nice snappy beat that carries a melody of creativity and optimism? Or maybe a soothing, lazy ole tune that warms the soul of regular Joes and invites complacency to feel right at home? Jazz? Opera? Rap? How about a sad country song where gossip, pessimism and that “can’t do” attitude ring true like a familiar old friend?

Every business has a personality in and of itself – a vibe, a feeling, an attitude, a predictable identity. Just like a song. There’s a rhythm. A cadence or a tempo that exudes the spirit of the company — be it happiness, optimism, the “same old, same old” or “we’re going to crash and burn in hell any day now.” Can you hear it?

The beat and rhythm you hear drives your organization and is self-perpetuating. But maybe you’ve become tone deaf to it. Haven’t we all heard singers who thought they were great, but couldn’t hit a note? Sometimes we just don’t hear our own music unless we make a point to listen.

How do hear your business music? Listen for the chords and the notes that play out every day. That music is often found in the topics of discussion and chatter that travel throughout the organization. It’s hidden in the meeting agendas, the hall talk and in the tone of e-mails. It’s what you and your employees spend most of your focus on. Is it good? Bad? Not sure?

Here are a couple of lyrical measures you can think about. Which scenario best reflects the mood and tone of your firm? Do you spend most of your time talking about ideas and innovation? Or do things revolve around the next event – the next deadline, next project, next quarter? How about people? Is the chatter mostly about office politics and people problems?

If you’re a winning company, ideas and innovation are music to your ears. If you’re average, the old familiar tune of the next event plays over and over and feels comfortable. If you’re struggling and perhaps not focused on success, the whining gossip, complaining and people problems ring through the day. Can you say gloom, despair and agony on me? (You do remember Hee Haw, right? “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”)

If folks have time to talk about their coworkers or if routine, mundane events are all there is to work on, maybe it’s time to innovate, to come up with new ideas and supercharge your business. Sing a new song. Get a new sheet of music. Try something new.

Perhaps the ideas are there and the visionary direction of the company is set, but the communication is lacking and employees aren’t in the loop. Maybe it’s time to orchestrate the future with enhanced communication, new meeting formats and a reshuffle of resources to find the harmony you need to succeed. If employees don’t know what’s happening, they can’t appreciate your ideas and the direction you’re headed. This makes them more apt to fill the day with negative vibes. If left alone, that rhythm carries the tune of the day and becomes the norm. If that’s your company, maybe you need to change the station.

Take a little time and assess the personality of your firm. Come up with a new song –one that’s upbeat and make you and your employees want to dance! Want to know how to do it? Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you some ideas.