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Theatre at the Hill Triumphs

The Collins Hill Theatre Company delivered a powerful performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime this fall.

The play is about an autistic teen, Christopher, who in the midst of investigating the case of a neighbor’s dead dog, goes on his own adventure, reuniting with his mother and discovering his own abilities. The Collins Hill company performed their own interpretation of the play, using flashing lights, loud music, and movement work to show how overwhelming autism can be. Noelle McIntyre, who played Siobhan, said that she hopes the show can “shed light on what it’s like to have autism and bring awareness to the challenges faced by those who are affected by it.”

The drama students are taking their one act to a district competition where they will have the chance to advance to the state competition. They will compete against other high school drama departments from around Gwinnett County. They are hopeful about the competition and have been working long hours to perfect their 55-minute show.

The actors played their roles very convincingly! Mrs. Weintraub, the director, had the students do intense background work to better connect with their characters. The cast’s energy was infectious, and their passion for the show was evident in their performance. The show was compelling and earned them a standing ovation from the crowd as the curtains closed.