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(Lawrenceville, Ga., Feb. 21, 2017) – The Citizens Project Selection Committee will meet Wednesday night to vote on projects in the road safety and alignment category of the 2017 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.

The group, known as the CPSC, is to meet at 6:30 p.m. in Conference Room A in the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center in Lawrenceville.

“Our staff presented information on the road safety and alignment category in January,” said Alan Chapman, director of the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation. “The group will vote on the road safety projects this week and then staff will present information on the Intersections category.”

At each meeting, the group is briefed on a project category. Then they vote on that category at a following meeting. On Jan. 24, the group approved a list of proposed bridge, culvert and transportation drainage projects.

Prior to the November referendum, the CPSC allocated funding across these categories of Transportation projects:

  • Bridges, Culverts and Transportation Drainage,
  • Capital Projects Rehabilitation and Resurfacing,
  • Intersections,
  • Major Roads,
  • Residential Speed Control,
  • Road Safety and Alignment,
  • School Safety,
  • Sidewalks and Pedestrian Safety,
  • Transportation Planning, and
  • Unpaved Roads.

Since the SPLOST vote, the CPSC has received presentations and voted on six project categories: bridges and culverts, school safety, rehabilitation and resurfacing, unpaved roads, residential speed control, and transportation planning.

The CPSC is made up of 11 members and 11 alternates selected through a grass-roots process: Interested residents from various constituencies selected the representatives. For additional information about citizen input and the 2017 SPLOST, please visit