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Unifying Through Learning

Last weekend, a horrible tragedy struck this nation in Charlottesville, Va. After the shocking events of this incident reached nation-wide, one thing became evident. It is beyond important to unite together and comfort each other. People do not realize that instead of tearing each other down we should be uniting as one race, the human race.

Unity is the act of multiple people coming together usually representing strength. It is important for our community to display unity through this tragedy. The reasoning for this being that the members of our community should not feel divided on this issue.

A really good way to encourage this sense of unity would be to be more inclusive towards people. Inviting a person who has no one to eat with at lunch over, or helping someone who is lost find a class are just simple ways a hand can be extended.

At Parkview, a lot of individual groups of culture and religion have been initiated such as MSA (Muslim Students Association) and even a HOPE (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education) group. These groups while mainly focusing on one group or culture also have another purpose. The purpose is to educate people about minorities. The central cause for violence is usually misunderstanding.

By educating the public, or at least the students of the high schools, more people become accepting of America’s diverse backgrounds. Through education, unity can be achieved over time.