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Unity and the Solar Eclipse

On August 21 at about 2:35pm, the United States was in awe of a total solar eclipse. Everyone, no matter who they were, dropped everything to get a glimpse of the simple miracle of nature. In that moment, each person watching was just a tiny part of an infinite universe. We were together as one witnessing one of the most fascinating coincidences of all.

True unity amongst communities is not a common occurrence. However, in moments of tragedy, victory, or even simple eclipses, people tend to come together.

Unifying a community can start with something much simpler than waiting for a solar eclipse. People doing little things, like volunteering within the area, or planning an event at a school can really help to bring a group together.

One of the simplest ways to create a positive community is taking the time to know the people in it. Getting to know a stranger and trying to understand their life can unify even the most divided group of people. Hatred and discrimination are far too prevalent in our world. Combating that by spreading understanding and mutual appreciation for those who are unfamiliar is extremely important. If everyone takes the time to see a new perspective or get to know someone they thought they would never speak to, people will begin to understand each other and realize that everyone is only human. It is the one thing we all have in common.

Occasions like the solar eclipse show us that we can be unified. It will just take time and effort from everyone.