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Updates announced for Snellville’s Grove

Three key measures affecting the future of The Grove at Towne Center were approved by Mayor Barbara Bender and Council Monday. The updates included establishing the boundaries where alcohol can be consumed outdoors, approving plans for the construction of a 750 space parking deck, and approving Phase 1 of the Greenway Trail.

The Snellville Towne Center Entertainment District, where alcohol can be consumed outdoors, includes all areas in The Grove except the areas surrounding City Hall, the Snellville Police Department and the Snellville Senior Center. Once The Grove is completed and restaurants begin serving alcohol, visitors will be able to drink outside if the beverage is bought from an establishment in The Grove. The beverage must be in a paper or plastic cup no larger than 16 ounces and only one drink at a time per person may be carried out of an establishment. Alcoholic beverages must be served in the designated Snellville Towne Center Entertainment District and cannot be carried outside of the designated area or into any vehicle.

Alcohol may not be carried onto any street except during the temporary period of crossing a street inside designated crosswalks, or if the Snellville Police Department closes a street to vehicular traffic specifically for the purpose of accommodating an outdoor event. Alcoholic beverages served in the designated Snellville Towne Center Entertainment District may be carried on the sidewalk.

Plans were approved for the construction of the 750 space parking deck planned for The Grove. The deck will have spaces for hybrid and electric vehicles as well.

Demolition of the current U.S. Post Office is slated for November which will make way for the parking deck. Construction on the 250-unit housing development will begin in spring. The U.S. Post Office will move to the former SunTrust Bank on Wisteria Drive which is currently being renovated.

“The city’s leadership is working hard together to make sure the Towne Center is being built with quality and expediency,” said Economic Development Director Eric Van Otteren.

The Mayor and council also approved Phase 1 of the Greenway Trail which will create a walking and bicycle path around The Grove at Towne Center. City Manager Butch Sanders said about $400,000 of that money will go toward storm-water improvements in the Towne Center. Mayor Barbara Bender called it “major milestone for the city.”