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Rainbow Village is a transitional housing community for homeless families with children. Most of the heads of households at Rainbow Village are women that have fled lives full of domestic violence and poverty. It’s astonishing that the average age of a homeless person in our community is only nine years old! Rainbow Village families are not just seeking a safe place to live, but the opportunity to craft a new life for themselves and their children that is full of love, faith and promise.

Rainbow Village embodies the phrase “it takes a village.” We’ve set in motion a true “village” model where homeless families can find refuge, recover and learn to rebuild their lives with the love and support of a community-based family surrounding them.

Rainbow Village provides more than a quick fix in times of crisis. We offer a multi-year program that includes support services for the whole family including life skills training, character building, counseling, career development, after-school programs, financial education and much more. The goal is to break the cycles of homelessness, poverty and domestic violence long-term and teach not only the adults, but also the children, to believe in themselves again, to chart a new course and work a plan to be self-sufficient for a lifetime.

Our “village” model engages more than 800 volunteers annually, along with many community partners. The success stories are endless. Lives are touched and miracles are witnessed here every day.

Come help us build a stronger community – one family at a time! Explore how you can get involved at Rainbow Village.

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