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Welcome Back Week: Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology

As The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (GSMST) opened the school doors for their 10th year, students came back excited and motivated to get back into the groove. To help keep up the hype, Student Council (StuCo) at GSMST planned a fun Welcome Back Week based around the school’s 10th year anniversary.

The first day back was deemed Music Monday. Students anonymously requested songs to be played in the mornings during carpool time and during the lunch shifts. Songs from the past decade helped to bring back fun memories as well as welcome nervous (and drowsy) students.

On Trivia Tuesday, StuCo tested the student body on their knowledge of GSMST history with a Kahoot game during lunch and awarded prizes to the top scoring players.

Wednesday’s theme followed the popular children’s book Where’s Waldo? Students were given the opportunity to seek Waldo posters hidden throughout the school and to exchange them with a StuCo representative for some GSMST 10-year anniversary swag.

Throwback Thursday brought in old photos and memories of both teachers and students. TV screens throughout the school were flooded with these images and students had some good laughs trying to figure out who their classmates were in the slideshow. Pictures were requested from students and faculty through social media using the hashtag #gsmstwbw2017.

After watching old memories on Thursday, students created new memories during Fotobooth Friday which had a photo booth set up with groovy props and a backdrop commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the school. Many memorable photos were taken, some more serious than others, including a class of 2019 photo which was full of juniors who wanted to preserve the memory of their first week as juniors in a group picture.

Although the first week of school may have evoked some sad sentiments since it was the end of a student’s summer, GSMST StuCo worked hard to brighten the mood and set off to make this week an unforgettable start to another amazing school year.