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We’re Ready to Show Gwinnett Some More Love!

Do you remember what you were doing 20 years ago in that long-ago summer of 1997? We were putting the finishing touches on the inaugural issue of Gwinnett Magazine, a brand-new publication committed to sharing the good news about Gwinnett — including all the reasons our home town was a great place to live, work and play.

We vividly remember the anticipation we felt waiting for that first issue to roll off the presses and how excited we were to share it with our fellow Gwinnettians and all those who shared our vision.

We have exactly that same sense of excitement today two decades later as we introduce our latest endeavor. We’re on a mission to light the fires of goodwill, kindness and appreciation for each other and the organizations in our community.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our anniversary and re-affirm our commitment to telling the good news of Gwinnett than with the launch of our #LoveGwinnett newsletter.

We see good people and good works in Gwinnett every day. We want to praise, recognize, encourage and show some love to Gwinnett whenever we can, and we look forward to telling these stories every week.

Our #LoveGwinnett values are simple. Be Positive. Buy Local. Help Others.

“The vision for #LoveGwinnett began in 2015. We hinted at it in Best of Gwinnett that year and we’ve used it more and more since,” explains David Greer, Gwinnett Magazine founder and executive publisher. “But now, as we enter our 21st year, #LoveGwinnett will be the focus of this new digital newsletter that reflects our unique approach.”

The newsletter will include a wide range of topics and regular features, including This Week in Business and People to Know, plus special focus sections on economic development, education, health and wellness, house and home, and more. Upcoming events, the latest business and restaurant openings, and plenty of video news reports are also in the mix.

Through it all, you’ll see stories that support and promote the #LoveGwinnett values, says Greer.

Be Positive. “For 20 years, we’ve been the good news people. We like to tell positive stories. We like to support people doing great things and we like to look for the good in everybody and everything.”

Buy Local. “We’re committed to supporting small businesses in our community. We know we live in a global economy and we’re proud to embrace that and all the outstanding major companies who do business with and in Gwinnett,” explains Greer. “But we also know that supporting local businesses, helping them to grow and prosper, so they can in turn support their customers and employees is one of the most direct actions we can take to support the entire community.”

Help Others. “We believe that our business has a bigger purpose than just being profit-driven. That’s why we do things like our Heroes Project and support community efforts like Relay For Life. We want to take our talents for storytelling and put those talents to good use. And we want to encourage other businesses to do the same,” says Greer.

In the near future, you’ll see other elements of the #LoveGwinnett initiative come to life. For now, we hope you enjoy our #LoveGwinnett newsletter, and if you have a story for us, send your news and press releases to