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Who to Call When You Need a Lawyer

Most of us think about attorneys about as often as we do our spare tire: we know we may need to use that tire someday, but we don’t check the air pressure in it as much as we should. It’s not until we have a blow-out on the side of Interstate-85 that we realize what a valuable resource it actually is.

Similarly, when you experience a blow-out in life – whether it’s a business deal gone bad or a divorce – the importance of having access to a quality attorney becomes all too obvious. Attorneys can help you navigate the intricacies of a complex, rapidly changing legal system while protecting your rights and interests in a variety of areas. “The majority of people use an attorney for criminal or family law matters,” says Jeff Hicks, past president of the Gwinnett County Bar Association; however, Gwinnett’s legal experts are ready to serve you in every aspect of the law, from preparing a will to resolving a landlord-tenant dispute.

You don’t have to wait to consult an attorney until you have a legal problem, either. Consider estate planning and business incorporation, just two areas where legal assistance today could mean fewer headaches – and big savings – should issues arise in the future. “It’s not really expensive to have a lawyer help you set up a business,” Hicks says. “Down the road, problems are worse because you didn’t address things beforehand.”

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