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Who Will be Miss Peachtree Ridge?

The Miss PRHS Pageant, a beauty pageant hosted for Peachtree Ridge High School students, will be held at the school on Sept. 16. Sign up to be in the pageant closed as of Aug. 18 when dues and permission forms were due, but attendance to the event does not require any sign up.

To attend, students need to go to the main entrance of Peachtree Ridge on the Saturday of the pageant before 7 p.m., when the pageant is set to begin. Viewers will be seated in the theater, and watch the students who signed up to be in the pageant on the stage as they model. Further information can be found by contacting Mrs. Ondre, head of the PRHS dance studio.

The event serves as a great chance for students to show off their personal style and good looks for all in attendance. Usually students showcase more unique or formal outfits than everyday wear; making the show all the more special.

In previous years, attendees of the pageant were witness to a number of outstanding gowns and suits with equally fabulous people to make the most of the outfits. This year Peachtree Ridge hopes to put on an even better pageant in a display that will truly amaze those in the audience.

Make the pageant more exceptional by coming and spreading the word!