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Why do my legs ache?

You can now get permanent relief of your heavy, tired achy legs. Restless legs that keep you up at night can also be a sign of venous insufficiency or reflux. When the valves in your leg veins begin to leak backwards, blood pools in the lower leg causing pain, pressure, itching and ankle swelling. Spider veins and bulging varicose veins may also develop.

At the new VEINatlanta office in Lawrenceville, these vein problems are diagnosed and treated in an office setting. Radio-frequency and other new, minimally invasive closure technologies are used to close down refluxing leg veins. Varicose veins and spider veins are also removed to get you back to an active lifestyle without unsightly legs.

Convenient and Covered

Treating venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and spider veins is typically covered by conventional medical insurance. These are considered medical problems with consequences if left untreated, not just aesthetic or cosmetic procedures. At VEINatlanta, our experienced medical staff will manage any insurance approvals or paperwork required to obtain your medical insurance coverage.

Your treatment VEINatlanta is quick, easy, and done completely in the office. Unlike old-fashioned vein stripping, you drive yourself to and from your appointments, and can continue with your daily activities between treatments. There is no sedation required, and the lower temperatures used with radio-frequency closure mean you’ll have a comfortable recovery.

Your Care Providers

VEINatlanta’s surgeons both have over 25 years of experience in cardiovascular surgery before focusing exclusively on vein therapy. Dr. Louis Prevosti founded VEINatlanta five years ago after practicing cardiac surgery in Atlanta. VEINatlanta was developed to offer the full spectrum of available vein therapies, and provide patients with a comprehensive and lasting solution to their venous insufficiency.

Dr. James Fonger joined the practice last year after a career in heart surgery and new medical device development. He trained at Johns Hopkins Hospital and practiced in the Northeast before coming to Atlanta. He brings additional knowledge and expertise in new medical therapies, and will practice exclusively at the Lawrenceville location.

Your Source for Quality Compression Stockings

The Lawrenceville and Sandy Springs VEINatlanta offices are your source for quality Sigvaris® compression stockings. Stocking support for your calves throughout the day, with or without venous disease, makes you feel rested at the end of the day. There is a full selection of trendy textures, fashionable styles, and all colors for casual, evening, and sportswear.

VEINatlanta provides free custom fitting of all compression stockings to ensure a perfect fit and optimal support. Compression stockings can be important for the prevention of venous problems during pregnancy, long distance air or car travel, and with jobs that require long periods of standing. The VEINatlanta Stocking Fitting Center at the Lawrenceville office provides compression stockings to both patients and the general public.

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