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Wilson Lewis – Your Guide to Financial Success

When it comes to tax and accounting most individuals and business owners do not spend much time thinking about it outside of tax season. Naturally, the primary concerns are ensuring that tax filings are accurate and appropriate planning has been conducted to reduce overall liability. Once the individual, trust and estate, or other return has been filed, it is often months until taxes re-emerge on the radar.

For businesses, the same thinking exists for the organizations’ return and extends to financial reporting. When it comes time to evaluate company performance, review lease/buy decisions, or contemplate an expansion opportunity, it is imperative that financial reports are accurate. Otherwise, the assumptions made about the impact on the organization will be incorrect and may result in a very unexpected outcome.

In both situations, there is a need for an accountant that can combine technical knowledge and practical experience to deliver a product that meets customer needs. This is true whether it is a tax return, ongoing accounting issue, or financial reporting need.

Wilson Lewis, a Gwinnett based Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm, provides a variety of tax, accounting, and consulting services to meet the changing needs of both individuals and businesses. There are services designed to help address “once in a lifetime” issues such as estate, succession, and retirement planning, fraud prevention and detection, and even strategic business planning. The combination of these provides the direction and confidence that many seek in their accounting relationships.

Perhaps what makes Wilson Lewis one of the area’s hidden gems is the focus on client needs. While the main work is ensuring accurate and timely reports and tax filings, team members are proactive and often bring new ideas to the table when appropriate. Concurrently, there is also an emphasis on consistent communication throughout the year to ensure new opportunities are properly leveraged.

If you are looking for a proactive CPA firm focused on client service and capable of growing with your needs, then Wilson Lewis is the firm to consider. With locations in Atlanta, Duluth, Sandy Springs, and availability online, Wilson Lewis is right around the corner. Additional information is available at or by calling 770-476-1004.