A Salmon Firm

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Rebeca Salmon
Managing Partner

Paying it forward may not be a concept you hear from most lawyers, but Rebeca Salmon, attorney and founder of A Salmon Firm, believes in it completely. “We take cases that will make a difference in someone”s life,” she says.

Her ambition and drive to help every client is what makes Salmon a successful lawyer. It also gave her the motivation to start her own non-profit, Access to Law. “We help people that have little access to funds that would otherwise be excluded from the legal system.” Both her firm and non-profit specialize in immigration, family law, criminal law and federal and state litigation.

“Get off the hook and learn to fish” are both words she lives by and something she desires for all her clients. “Giving our clients that vote of confidence that someone is on their side changes their whole outlook. I get elated when they become self-sufficient and no longer need my voice,” Salmon says.

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