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A Beautiful Day in Lawrenceville! The cans and cants of recycling.

We’re back with a new podcast! We sat down with Barry Mock, Lawrenceville Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director, and Schelly Marlatt, the Executive Director of Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful, to learn all about keeping Lawrenceville and Gwinnett County clean.

We are answering the cans and cants of recycling, as well as getting some clarity on what to do with glass! We explore how the city of Lawrenceville is working to encourage recycling, while combatting illegal dumping and littering. We also talk about the Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful’s partnership history and current programs.

Gwinnett County Clean & Beautiful’s partnership with Lawrenceville has worked to protect the health and environment of citizens. An affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, a national nonprofit, the organization has been working to take care and keep clean since 1980.

Listen to this new episode now to get the scoop on all the great programs you can take advantage of.

Plus, you’ll even learn what to do with your Christmas tree when the holidays are over!