Bringing comfort to foster children in need is what the Buford based company Jambos works to do. The nonprofit is on a mission to provide pajamas, through partnering with communities, collecting and shipping them to children all over the world.

The company seeks to build a community around the children they serve together, so they can run alongside foster agencies and foster families by providing them with basic necessities like pajamas. It is a simple mission, but by no means a small one.

The journey of a child in foster care can be filled with anxiety, abruptness and a lot of stress. At Jambos, they understand this process is ultimately for the safety of these children. We exist to shine a light on the reality they face and bring awareness to the need for practical resources like pajamas. And who doesn’t love the feeling of putting on a warm pair of new pjs? Jambos works to bring comfort to one of the most stressful times in the lives of these children. They partner with foster agencies to serve as a funnel of resources to case managers working on the front lines.

“At Jambos, our hearts beat for children in foster care. We are passionate about bringing comfort to each child we encounter and we use pajamas to do it,”

says founder Rebekah Black on the website.

In today’s viral world, one word can go a long way! Recently the company was mentioned in a Tiktok, one that ultimately went viral and was seen by millions. Since then, Jambos has received over 1500 requests from foster parents and the numbers are going up.

The organization is endeavoring to collect 11,000 pajamas for kids of all ages and sizes, and they’d love if you could donate. They’re also in need of donations to fun the shipment of all those jammies. It’s the season of giving!

The easiest way to donate PJs is through Jambos’ Amazon wish list, which can be found on the Jambos website at

Financial contributions can also be made through

For the latest information, check out their facebook page. There is always an event going on too, check out their event page for the latest pajama party news and volunteer opportunities.