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A Delicious Blessing

As I enter VeGreen, a vegetarian fusion restaurant, familiar staff, soothing music, a mouthwatering aroma, and the usual friendly atmosphere welcome me. The walls flourish with seasonal decorations, matching the well-lit tables. It’s a beautiful place, but it goes deeper than the physical image.

John, the co-owner of VeGreen, carefully curates everything from the art on the walls to the tasty dishes to the informational slideshow on the TVs around the place. Each and every work of art has a deeper meaning to it; one such example are the Chinese characters on the glass window that faces customers as they walk in. John tells me that although they look different, all 100 characters are just different versions of the same idea, “Blessing”. Why “blessing”? Well, the Chinese characters face the door, so every customer who comes in symbolizes a blessing for the restaurant. Not only does the restaurant benefit from business, but animals are blessed as well because the vegetarian and vegan food served there does not sacrifice their lives.

VeGreen is dedicated to serving wonderful vegan food, making the restaurant’s dishes just as appealing as regular American meals. In fact, the vegetarian meat in their dishes looks like real meat. It even tastes like real meat, as some of my friends say. John hopes that the wide variety of vegan dishes he offers can make newcomers think about eating more healthy foods that benefit their own health as well as help the world, one meal at a time.

When asked about the dishes he would most recommend, he suggested the Veggie Pepper Stick and the newest dish, the Beyond Burger Bun. I had the chance to try the Beyond Burger Bun, and it surpassed my expectations-the mock meat is juicy and full of flavor, complementing the fluffy bun and crispy lettuce. As a lifetime vegetarian, I cannot tell you how it tastes compared to a real hamburger, but the dishes at VeGreen taste so satisfying, you won’t even need another meat dish!

In the long term, John hopes to expand and open another VeGreen location. However, right now there is a shortage of staff, especially in kitchen-thus, the restaurant is closed on Wednesdays. Still, John works tirelessly to promote veganism and encourages people to at least try a vegan dish even if they’re not completely vegetarian or vegan.

If you have any questions for VeGreen or just want to take a look at their diverse menu, visit their website,, or call 770-495-8828.

Pictured: Better Burger Bun

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