In the educational tapestry of Gwinnett County, New Life Academy of Excellence has emerged as an institution where learning is reimagined. Spearheaded by a collective of parents and community leaders, and under the guidance of Alphonsa Foward, Jr., this charter school was born out of a desire to offer an educational experience that extends beyond conventional teaching methods.

New Life Academy of Excellence (NLAE) is a charter school that educates students from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade, with a special emphasis on Mandarin Chinese, one of the world’s oldest languages. New Life Academy of Excellence is dedicated to delivering high-quality instruction in Chinese and other academic subjects, adhering to Georgia’s educational standards. In today’s globally connected world, where Chinese plays a significant role in international business, the school aims to foster fluency in the language and cultural understanding among its young learners. This early language education is intended to facilitate their development into proficient second language speakers.

Since its establishment in 2006, New Life Academy of Excellence has significantly expanded, now providing education to 600 students. The school’s approach is anything but ordinary; it is here that education transcends the traditional classroom setting, fostering an environment where students are motivated to engage deeply with the material.

“Education should be an adventure, a journey of discovery,” Mr. Foward asserts.

At New Life Academy of Excellence, this philosophy is put into practice every day. Students are encouraged to think independently, engage in creative problem-solving, and learn through interactive experiences that prepare them for the complexities of the modern world.

The Guide to Gwinnett, a feature of Gwinnett Magazine, frequently highlights New Life Academy of Excellence, presenting it as a vibrant example of educational excellence within the county. The Academy’s distinctive educational practices have captured the attention of parents and educators alike, serving as a beacon for quality education and community involvement.

Beyond the innovative curriculum, New Life Academy of Excellence is deeply interwoven with the Gwinnett community, mirroring Mr. Foward’s active community and pastoral engagements. The school understands that education and community enrichment are interdependent, reinforcing the importance of contributing positively to society.

New Life Academy of Excellence is a school that not only meets the academic needs of its students but also equips them with the moral and intellectual tools necessary for lifelong success.

New Life Academy of Excellence thus stands as a testament to what is possible when a community comes together to elevate educational standards. In the rapidly evolving educational landscape of Gwinnett County, New Life Academy of Excellence is not just a school, but a cornerstone of innovation and growth.

Contact: 678-720-9870


Location: 4725 River Green Parkway

Duluth, GA 30096