Accent Roofing’s Origin of Excellence

Get ready to climb the podcast ladder with Tommy Scribbins, the roofing guru behind Accent Roofing, and his son, Phillip Scribbins, the President of the company. With 35 years of nailing it in the roofing biz, they’re serving up not just roofing tales, but the secret sauce behind their booming success. Spoiler alert: it involves treating clients like long-lost cousins, and their record-breaking 47,000 roofing gigs are proof that they’ve got the Midas touch when it comes to both roofs and relationships.

But hold onto your hard hats because this podcast isn’t just about roofs – it’s a riveting journey through the heartwarming tales of how Accent Roofing morphs into a philanthropic mission with Habitat for Humanity and their own Uncle Pigskin Inc. organization. Plus, get behind the scenes look at restoration projects with a few of Gwinnett County’s iconic landmarks. So, grab your headphones, because this chat is more captivating than a rooftop sunset. Don’t miss out on this must-listen!