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Eastside Medical Center’s minimally invasive robotic surgery program is re-defining surgical options in our community, further minimizing the physical and emotional impact of surgery experienced by patients. With this advanced technology, patients benefit from shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times.

“From the surgeon’s perspective, the new Xi system brings better visualization and ergonomics to ensure surgical precision for complex procedures,” explained Aliu Sanni, MD, general surgeon and co-medical director of the Eastside Medical Center robotic surgery program. “With the Xi, patients experience an improved outcome with less pain after the procedure and a reduced hospital stay.”

Eastside is the only hospital in Gwinnett that offers both the da Vinci Xi Surgical System and the MAKOplasty robotic arm surgical system. These two robots allow the experienced robotic-trained surgeons at Eastside to perform a wide variety of robotic-assisted procedures in the specialties of urology, gynecology, general surgery and orthopedics.

Over the past 20 years, more than three million patients worldwide have had minimally invasive surgery performed using da Vinci’s technology. The da Vinci Xi Surgical System offers multiple benefits for patients including less pain and reduced scarring, a shorter hospital stay and recovery time, and overall improved outcomes.

Name Our Robot Contest: It’s Mogambo!
Winner of the Name the Robot Contest Aarmaan Singh, Brookwood Elementary School student. The robot’s name is Mogambo which Aarmaan says means Happiness.

“The Da Vinci Xi surgical system is an exciting addition to the surgical services available at Eastside,” says Peter Mann, MD, OB/GYN and co-medical director of the Eastside Medical Center robotic surgery program. “Joining the existing Da Vinci Si robotic platform at Eastside, the Xi brings the most advanced robotic surgical technology to optimize minimally invasive surgery and to support our core mission of delivering the highest quality care. The Xi provides easy-to-maneuver instrumentation that adapts to changes in patient position, providing greater precision and efficiency.”

Patients can rest assured that their physician is 100% in control of their surgery and is always in the same room – with the entire surgical team. Every move of the surgeon’s hand, wrist or finger is done with controls just like surgical instruments. However, the robotic arms manipulate tissue and move more precisely than a human’s dexterity allows.

“The enhanced dexterity allows the performance of pelvic reconstructive surgery with fewer and even smaller incisions that was not previously possible,” Dr. Mann explains.

The robot’s 3D display console shows a patient’s anatomy in HD with true depth perception, providing a magnified view inside the body.

Drs. Sanni and Mann were the first surgeons in Gwinnett County to perform surgeries using the da Vinci Xi Surgical System in February 2018.

Eastside Medical Center is the recipient of the Healthgrades® 2017 and 2018 Patient Safety Excellence Award™, a designation that recognizes superior performance for patient safety. Eastside Medical Center is named in the top 5% for patient safety among hospitals nationwide.