If you’ve been on the hunt for a new dining experience, you might just want to mark your map with Gwinnett’s latest arrival. Off The Rails Mexican Cantina swung open its doors on October 30th, inviting the community on a flavorful expedition right at their doorstep. The cantina is located on historic Main Street in downtown Buford.

Featured in the much-anticipated Guide to Gwinnett, published by The Gwinnett Magazine, Off The Rails is ready to celebrate their new beginning.

The owners of Off The Rails, Buddy & Gigi Maughon, are not just serving plates; they’re serving stories, rich with history.

“We’re sharing the vibrant spirit of Mexico with every dish,” they said, their excitement as palpable as the aroma wafting from the kitchen. “It’s not only about great food – it’s about creating a space where those dishes stir conversations, spark connections, and build community.”

As Off The Rails settles into the local dining constellation, it brings a menu that’s a testament to traditional Mexican fare, alongside a vibe that feels like a friendly neighborhood haunt.

The cantina tosses out the textbook and instead invites diners to dive into a skillet of steak fajitas, with meat that melts in your mouth in a delightful mix of flavors, or Chef Leticia’s house made tamales. Trust us, you’ll be back for more! Try a flavor-filled journey with their mind-blowing Mexican street corn. Dip into delight with the ultimate trio: Salsa for the kick, Queso for the melt, and Guacamole for the creamy perfection! Get ready for a flavor adventure that’s anything but ordinary. This isn’t just another taco joint! Here everything is made from scratch, from the tacos to the desserts. The margaritas? Well, OTR uses nothing but fresh fruit juiced every day and they’ve got the perfect amount of kick to put the fiesta in your afternoon.

But it’s not just the food that’s garnering attention. The atmosphere at Off The Rails is vibrant and zestful. From the colorful décor to the warm welcome at the door, the place has a personality as flavorful as its menu.

While Off The Rails may be new to the scene, it’s quickly finding its groove, offering a space where both the lunch crowd and the late-night gatherers can find something to savor. It’s a spot that’s ripe for a casual drop-in, a planned event, or those moments when you just want to unwind with a cerveza in hand.

So next time you’re in the neighborhood, why not take a detour to Off The Rails? It’s where every meal is a ticket to a delicious escape.

Contact: 470-750-0982
Location: 107 E. Main Street NE
Buford, GA 30518