Amidst the daily hustle, nestled inside an Exxon Station on Five Forks Trickum and Oak Road, Tipsy Pig BBQ is quietly revolutionizing the way locals experience comfort food. Since 2010, this family-operated barbecue spot has turned a simple philosophy into a palate-pleasing art: great food doesn’t need to be complicated.

The Guide to Gwinnett, a beloved resource published by The Gwinnett Magazine, is all about unearthing the best-kept secrets and local favorites of the area. Tipsy Pig BBQ, with its commitment to homemade dishes and traditional techniques, has rightfully earned its spot among the local culinary highlights.

“It’s all about that genuine, homemade flavor,” the owner explains,”That’s what good BBQ is. It’s why we started, and it’s what keeps our customers coming back for more.”

Inside Tipsy Pig BBQ, the world outside fades away as the aromas of slow-cooked meats and rich sauces take center stage. The menu, though modest, is mighty in taste and variety. Patrons rave about the pulled pork and brisket, but the truth is, every item has its own fan club. Their top seller is St Louis style BBQ ribs and folks can’t seem get enough of those! Sides are not an afterthought here; they are crafted to complement each smoky bite, rounding out the meal like a well-versed chorus.

In a time where dining often becomes over-complicated, this unassuming spot stands as a testament to the enduring allure of simple, well-made food. Tipsy Pig BBQ has mastered the balance of casual ambiance and culinary excellence, without a hint of pretension.

The Guide to Gwinnett takes pride in showcasing places just like Tipsy Pig BBQ, where the food speaks for itself, and the experience leaves a lasting impression. It’s the spot that has captured the hearts of those in Lilburn, Snellville, Lawrenceville, and beyond.

From first timers to seasoned regulars, the experience at Tipsy Pig BBQ is one of community and comfort. It’s where conversations flow as freely as the sweet tea, and where each meal feels like a gathering among friends.

So, the next time you’re navigating through the culinary landscape of this vibrant area, guided by the pages of the Guide to Gwinnett, make your way to Tipsy Pig BBQ. Here, in the heart of a gas station, is where you’ll find a culinary treasure, serving up a reminder that sometimes, the best flavors are found in the most unexpected places.

Contact: 770-885-5313
Location: 3020 Five Forks Trickum Rd.
Lilburn, GA