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Always Giving Back

Noelle McIntyre is an amazing student from Collins Hill High School, always giving back. Involved in various leadership roles, from being the president-elect of the Collins Hill Theatre Company, to being secretary in Friendship Club, she continues to shine as a positive role model.

An extremely talented thespian and vocalist, Noelle is majorly involved in the Collins Hill theater program. In fact, she helps out students, ages seven and up, who are interested in theatrical activities during a fun and educational summer camp hosted by the CHHS Theatre. Called Drama on the Hill, this exciting student-led camp allows kids to nurture their inner-thespian and learn to partake in theatre, and Noelle conducts various activities with them, ranging from acting workshops to interactive improv and dance routines.

Noelle is also a volunteer for events hosted by an organization called “FOCUS: Families of Children Under Stress.” FOCUS financially supports families who have children with any sort of disability, offering the families and children anything that they may need, such as equipment. They also host recreational events, like family outings, for children and teens to enjoy. Noelle volunteers at such events, along with camps that provide the kids with fun activities to enjoy while parents can relax on their own for a bit. Noelle continues to positively impact the community with her abundant compassion, spreading her love and kind energy, as she constantly works to help others and make sure that they are happy.

Noelle McIntyre is a beautiful soul who loves to serve others in her community. She is such a positive role model, as she is very kind and selfless, and is willing to help anyone at anytime. Whether it be on the stage or in the community, Noelle continues to shine, sharing her light with the