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WBL Program at Collins Hill

Between the intervals of both the beginning and end of one’s high school year, students must prepare themselves for what awaits them in the real world. One of the organizations I came across at Collins Hill was the Work Based Learning Program coordinated by Cara Norton.

This organization allows for students to replace their class time with the opportunity of working at a job while still maintaining the credit needed for high-school. Not only does this minimize the overall classwork for the students, it allows for an increase in work ethic following the end of their high-school year. This program allows for students to become independent as well as become functioning members of society.

With various (appropriate) jobs being offered, many students are obtaining the jobs they desire, which allows for more responsibility for students, as it displays the ins and outs of what a true job and what the real world can be. At the same time this provides a challenge for students, as this isn’t just an excuse to get out of class early. It allows them to gain insight as to what can await them as they prepare to their futures.

As stated by Mrs. Norton, “This year alone, had the most members in the program,” this clearly identifies that this program is most popular amongst the various students at Collins Hill for less than obvious intentions. However, for those with intentions to join this program, they should focus on their potential results rather than the immediate benefit.


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