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Amphitheaters and Aquatic Centers: My Favorite Places to Savor a Gwinnett Summer

Gwinnett County has been my home for my entire life – I’ve spent my childhood summers running all over its public parks and being bathed in its warm Georgia sun. Being a resident of Gwinnett has defined my life experiences as I’ve explored my county and embarked on all the adventures it has to offer. After sixteen years of being a proud denizen of Gwinnett, here are some of my favorite things to do in Gwinnett during the summer!

1. Seek Adventure Throughout Gwinnett!
Nested above the woody acres of the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center lies Treetop Quest, an attraction of ziplines and wooden mazes. Whether you’re an adventure-seeker or acrophobe, you can enjoy one of Treetop Quest’s obstacle courses, each at their own height and difficulty. Indoors, Gwinnett is also filled with family thrills too. At Laser Voyage Cafe, you can play laser tag as you plunder and pillage your way through a pirate ship, and at the Duluth Ice Forum, you can skate around the rink to cool down from the summer heat.

2. Spend a Day at Gwinnett’s Parks!
No matter how your day is going, you can always find solace in one of the fifty public parks scattered throughout Gwinnett. Gwinnett’s parks may be diverse in their offerings, but each one satisfies an appetite for adventure. You can explore a simpler time in history at McDaniel Farm Park’s rustic pavilion and restored farmhouse. You can dive into one of Bogan Park’s swimming pools and enjoy a day by the lake at Club Drive Park’s gazebo. With playgrounds, sports facilities, scenic trails, historical spots, and aquatic centers, Gwinnett’s parks have it all.

3. Satisfy Your Cravings at One of Gwinnett’s Local Eateries!
One of the best ways to support small businesses is to enjoy the delicacies that local restaurants offer! With its sushi, noodles, and other dishes, Five Spice brings Asian cuisines halfway across the world to Duluth, Georgia. Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe combines Western pastries and Eastern delicacies while Luciano’s is known for its Italian-inspired cuisines.

4. Explore the Centers of Your Corner of Gwinnett!
Find a cozy nook or vibrant space in the heart of your town. Visit Suwanee’s Town Center, and you’ll be greeted by the cool jets of its water fountain, its bustling small businesses, and occasionally, live music from its amphitheater! Explore downtown Buford’s bustling shops and businesses in its historic glory and immerse yourself in the community events of downtown Duluth. The public centers of Gwinnett’s towns are always lively underneath the warm summer sun.

5. Discover Gwinnett’s History!
With nearly two hundred years of rich culture and history, Gwinnett County is brimming with historical sites. The Southeastern Railway Museum, for instance, houses a collection of historical trains and hosts holiday events open to the public and is one of many Gwinnett locations that offers a peek at Georgian history. It’s the perfect place to savor a sunny day in Georgia.