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AP Profile: A Love for Teaching

From middle school to high school, Oklahoma to Georgia, Archer High School Assistant Principal Mrs. Williamson has been teaching for over 20 years. After double majoring in mathematics and psychology as an undergrad at Northern Illinois University, she was one of four students from her class and the only female to move on to earn her master’s in mathematics. Mrs. Williamson earned her first master’s degree at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, and her second at Kennesaw State University in Leadership Education.

In her many years dedicated to teaching, Mrs. Williamson has changed the lives of countless students. She began teaching high school in Forsyth County and from there moved to Oklahoma. After teaching both high school and middle school and being the principal of a middle school for five years, Mrs. Williamson moved back to Georgia ten years later, taking her Current position at Archer High School.

Mrs. Williamson shares, “When I got to this school, I felt as if I was at home and I don’t need anything else. I like what I’m doing here, and my goal is to continue doing I’m doing.”

She believes the most rewarding aspect of her job to be watching her students succeed. Taking in the different dispositions faced by students, she commits her time to each individual she helps, working one-on-one with them to overcome any obstacle they may be facing. Even though Mrs. Williamson has impacted the lives of so many, she reveals that the most challenging part of her job is not having enough time to help everyone.

Mrs. Williamson says, “I just want them to know that they’re loved, and that we care about them. I would do anything, if you’re willing to work, I’ll do anything for you. I just feel like I don’t have enough time to do it.”

She shared her favorite story of a senior she helped last year. With graduation on the line, Mrs. Williamson worked before and after school with this student in math all the way through finals where the student earned an A, allowing them to pass the class and graduate on time. On the day of graduation, she looked at her student, tears coming down their face, overcome with triumph and relief.

That moment is why Mrs. Williamson so nobly loves her job. Her love for teaching and infectious smile has not only brightened the halls of Archer, but the lives of students she has met as well.