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Are Driverless Cars the Future? Peachtree Corners Tests Driverless Shuttle

Movies from decades ago predicted flying cars. While those still aren’t here (yet), driverless cars are coming.

Peachtree Corners seems to be leading the way in innovation. On October 1, the city hosted a Ride Olli event for residents, who came to learn about and ride on the new Olli driverless shuttles. These shuttles will be running along the city’s Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners, a 1.5-mile intelligent mobility test track.

Olli is a 10-seat autonomous vehicle created and built by Phoenix, Arizona-based Local Motors. The Curiosity Lab track runs the entire length of Technology Parkway, the main road that runs through Technology Park Atlanta.

This the first test track in the entire country that offers real-world conditions. There are many tracks throughout the U.S. that offer testing opportunities for AV technology, but all are in a controlled environment. Curiosity Lab is set along a city-owned street, Technology Parkway, which offers opportunity to interact with people and vehicles going about their daily businesses. The track offers fully operational 5G, 1G of dedicated fiber, DSRC units, video surveillance, smart poles, and a 25,000 square foot technology incubator.

The incubator space is located at 147 Technology Parkway and offers a network operations center for the track. The goal of the technology incubator is to help IoT Mobility and Smart City early startup companies to grow and scale.

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